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About Me

You're probably wondering "who or what is this Tenebrous Hollow, and what's up with the huge name?"

Well, I'm glad you asked.

My name is Tanya. I'm a creative soul in a family of brilliantly creative people! I still rely on family for a needed blast of artistic energy now and again.

The name ... well, yes, it is long and cumbersome, for sure. It's latin, meaning dark, gloomy, murky, or obscure. I use it in reference to where I live.

Imagine a small, wooded valley. It's fairly dark, even in bright sunlight. There's a narrow, shallow creek running through it, filling the surrounding area with soft echoes of gurgling water. It is beautiful and secretive. That is where I live and design. "Tenebrous Hollow" just fit.

More About Me

A variety of arts and crafts were taught and encouraged in my household for as far back as I can remember. Although I was first taught crocheting and knitting by my mother before I was 10 years old, it wasn’t until I began high school that I truly came to appreciate the beauty and versatility of crochet. Crochet is part of my daily routine, and knitting is something that I become periodically obsessed with. I find knitting a bit harder on my hands than crochet, so I don't knit as often as crochet.

In my school days, I made and sold my hand made creations to friends and teachers in order to earn the money for things I wanted (like a bright yellow Sony walkman with both a cassette player *and* a radio ... so rad).

I have worked as an “Educational Resources Designer," a substitute teacher, a home improvements workshop instructor, and now as a crafts instructor at a major retailer.

Some of my photographs have been published, and I was even honored to become a finalist in a national photography competition! An original crocheted necklace design, “Key to my Heart,” won an award in the “Bead My Valentine” contest at Happy Mango Beads. It was the first jewelry contest that I entered.

I enjoy designing my own patterns, including jewelry, hair shawls, basket liners, and water bottle cozies. Many of my designs are custom made at the request of a friend, family member, supporter, or fan, or to fill a personal need.

My designs often utilize skills from multiple disciplines, learned and developed through my lifetime, such as drawing, sculpting, weaving, painting, beading, sewing, photography, etc.

I am always looking at different ways of adding a bit of art to everyday life.
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